Caribbean Mastermind Retreats is the premier group travel agency for business coaches and life coaches. Founded by travel industry business coach, Tamika C. Carter, Caribbean Mastermind Retreats was established to fill a void in the coaching industry for a travel agency that specializes in planning mastermind retreats for coaches and their clients.

Tamika, a.k.a. the Group Travel Queen, is an expert at both group travel planning and the Caribbean.  In 2003, Tamika founded On The Go, LLC, a group travel agency that specialized in group travel.  As a result, Tamika has coordinated travel to the Caribbean and other destinations for many groups groups (including hundreds of individuals.)  Tamika, herself, has traveled to the Caribbean more than 20 times.  

In 2009, Tamika founded the International Group Travel Agents Association, a membership organization that provides training and resources to leisure group travel planners. Today, Tamika is the organization's Executive Director and she maintains a lucrative group travel industry coaching practice.

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