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At CMR, we understand your coaching business. We make sure your coaching clients are treated like rock-stars and YOU receive all the glory! We work with a select group of venues throughout the Caribbean that any professional coach would be proud to be affiliated with.

In fact, our team regularly visits each of our partner properties to inspect the quality of each property and to meet with the staff to set expectations for each mastermind retreat we plan. We maintain great relationships with the resort staff to make sure everyone's expectations are met. We expect that you and all of your clients will be treated like royalty.

In addition to securing the resort accommodations for you and your clients, we also plan fun and interactive excursions that get your clients comfortable and interacting with each other, faster. On-site, we coordinate group meals, meeting room facilities, equipment, training materials, and more. So, all you have to do is focus on what you do best... coach!


  • Stop having to justify to your clients the investment for your high-end mastermind groups.  A luxury Caribbean Mastermind Retreat will add tangible value to your existing mastermind program, increasing your profits!
  • Help your clients get the work done.  When coaching clients attend local or virtual mastermind meetings, they leave excited about putting what they've learned into practice.  But then, they are quickly distracted by the life's responsibilities, including children, relationships/spouses, business issues, and work.  On a Caribbean Mastermind Retreat, your clients will have time allotted for relaxation and meditation... time to think about what they've learned and put action items into practice immediately.  What better place to relax and meditate than the Caribbean?
  • Increase testimonials from successful clients.  When your clients get the work done, they become as successful as you promised they would be if they followed your step-by-step system.  Once they get the work done, they will flood you with referrals, basically, filling your pipeline of future clients without you doing any additional work!
  • Add to your bottom line.  As you convert more high-end clients, you will definitely notice a boost to your bottom line.

Tamika C. Carter Chief Travel Planner

Tamika C. Carter, is an expert in group travel planning. In 2003, Tamika founded On The Go, LLC, a group travel agency that specialized in group travel to the Caribbean, music festivals and sporting events. Tamika has coordinated group travel for thousands of travelers. Tamika has a passion for entrepreneurship and group travel planning, making this endeavor of helping others reach their entrepreneurial goals through group travel a perfect fit.

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